Auto service

  • mechanical reparation of private car and van (all marques)
  • regural service revisions - service book drawing for free
  • general motor reparations
  • motor decarbonization - higher power for less money due to the preparations of mark BG
  • fine-tuning
  • arranging shock absorbers and brake system tests
  • windscreen exchange
  • driving up repaired car on appointed place
  • possibility of taking up repaired car out the working time
  • giving specialist opinion and help during selling used cars
  • and many other services ...


  • high-tech modern radio geometrics
  • full for axle and back axle alignment
  • removing realized troubles on the axletree
  • possibility of saving measured values for the next comparison
  • printing of the report about the whole measuring

Vehicle body reparation

  • full vehicle reparation after accident including varnishing work
  • straightening equipment
  • sale of new and spare varnishing parts
  • reparation of autoplasty, radiators, etc.

Auto electrics

  • full reparation of car-electrical set
  • car radio and car alarms montage
  • vehicle lighting reparation, headlight adjustment
  • alternator and starter reparation


  • filling air-conditioning with refrigerant R134
  • service and cleaning of air-conditioning
  • reparation of air-conditioning
  • leak determination in system by way of fluorescent material and UV lamp
  • air-conditioning reconstruction from older system filling R12 to newer one R134
  • sale of spare parts for air-conditioning


  • reading failures from board computer memory
  • placing in primary setting
  • electronical system gauging


  • windscreen exchange for free in observance of insurance conditions
  • windscreen tinting
  • unbreakable foil montage